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Athens adapts to a “new normal” as COVID-19 spreads

The health and medical community in Athens, Ga. has been preparing since the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak by updating preparedness plans, staging mock scenarios and providing staffers with special training.

Athens couple self-quarantines after coronavirus scare

The World Health Organization declared coronavirus an international public health emergency while Holly Bik and her family were on a trip to Shanghai. They had to scramble to return to their North Georgia home.

‘Bad Blood’ author shares investigative reporting insight during Atlanta visit

When a Wall Street Journal reporter read about a “too-good-to-be-true” blood-testing device from a company called Theranos, his antennas went up. Ultimately, his curiosity would lead to the biggest and most compelling investigative story he’s ever written.

Workshop teaches ecology and journalism students how to translate jargon

Young scientists bring their abstracts and journalism students try to interpret them at a fall workshop, hosted by Glen Nowak, director of UGA’s Center for Health & Risk Communication and Sabriya Rice, Health & Medical Journalism Knight Chair.