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“Every story is a health story,” says investigative reporter who graduated from UGA

Sometimes it doesn’t have a health headline or a health-focused lead. But every story is either a cause or an effect of something related to public health, says Erica Hensley, investigative reporter Mississippi Today.

Infant and maternal deaths remain a challenge in Georgia, despite progress

Experts from The March of Dimes, Healthcare Georgia Foundation and UGA’s College of Public Health painted a grim picture of how well the state addresses issues like maternal and infant deaths, preterm births and access to prenatal care.

Healthy food initiatives aim to combat the rising obesity epidemic

Strategies such as community gardens, farm-to-school programs and food-sharing were among the solutions shared by panelists on Oct. 18 during the seventh annual State of the Public’s Health Conference at the University of Georgia.

Hidden lead remains a hazard in the water of Georgia’s schools and homes

A growing mistrust of the water supply could have a negative impact on other public health initiatives, like efforts to tackle the obesity epidemic, said experts during a discussion on lead, an odorless contaminant.