Chancey Phillips Headshot

Chancey Phillips (Photo/ Lexie Hatt)

Chancey is originally from Danielsville, about 30 minutes away from Athens, Georgia. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Ecology from the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia in May 2021. She discovered her passion for science communication while pursuing her undergraduate degree. Currently, Chancey is a first-year graduate student in the Health and Medical Journalism Program. She is also the program’s writer and social manager. As a graduate student, she plans to further develop her writing, photo and video journalism skills. Her dream job is to make nature documentaries focused on the ecosystems of Florida and the tropics.

Alex is originally from

Alex Anteau Headshot

Alex Anteau (Photo/ Alex Anteau)

Izhevsk, Russia. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in sequential studies from the University of Georgia. Alex studied art and writing. Now, Alex is interested in science and science writing. 

Alex is now a first-year graduate student in the Health and Medical Journalism program. His graduate assistantship is with Grady Newsource. He works on multiple projects with Amanda Bright, Ph.D, including, writing the weekly newsletter and helping write social media posts. 


His career aspirations are to write, and his main focuses are in print and audio journalism. 

Morgan Gonzales Headshot

Morgan Gonzales (Photo/ Mary Beth Gonzales)

Morgan is originally from Summerville, South Carolina. She received a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of South Carolina. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in health and medical journalism. She was inspired to pursue health journalism because of the impact of COVID-19, and she found that healthcare journalism was an important topic to communicate.


Morgan worked with the Dallas Morning News during summer 2021 reporting on biotechnology and healthcare, and she is currently working as a teaching assistant with Karin Assmann, Ph.D. Her goals are to work for a non-profit organization reporting on healthcare, and eventually create a small farm for rescued animals.

Heaven Jobe Headshot

Heaven Jobe (Photo/ Dcaptured)

Heaven is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in literature, language and writing, and a minor in theatre art and communications from Eastern Michigan University. Writing is her passion. She decided to pursue her master’s degree in health and medical journalism at the University of Georgia in order to improve her writing skills and take advantage of new opportunities. Heaven is a graduate assistant in the UGA College of Public Health communication department, where she works with faculty to research and write feature articles.

Dariel Stanford Headshot

Dariel Stanford (Photo/ Emily Haney)

Dariel is from Austell, Georgia. She is a second-year student pursuing a  master’s degree in Health Communication. She is a Double Dawg who obtained her bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Behavior from the University of Georgia. Dariel has previously worked as a population health specialist and patient service ambassador for Kaiser Permanente. She also worked in emergency preparedness for the mayor’s office in Atlanta. Dariel’s graduate assistantship is in UGA’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where she produces a podcast called People, Parasites, and Plagues. She enjoys talking to scientists about their research, and her dream job is to work with underserved communities as a health communications specialist.  

Irene Wright Headshot

Irene Wright (Photo/ Savannah Rathbun)

Irene is originally from Wisconsin. She moved to Georgia to attend the University of Georgia, where she received a Bachelor of Arts from the Odum School of Ecology in May 2021.Ecology students joke that the most important thing to know about a person is their favorite animal: Irene’s is the manatee, which she describes as “water potatoes.” She is now a first-year graduate student in the Health and Medical Journalism Program. Her graduate assistantship is with the UGA magazine Columns. As their feature writer, she plans to use her scientific background to write stories about the work of UGA faculty and staff. Her career aspirations are to write scripts for documentaries. However, her main goal is traveling and trying new foods.