UGA health insurance rates triple for spouses of graduate students

When his wife checked her student account to pay for her health insurance, Mike Lord found out in late July that he would either have to pay more than 3.5 times more per month or go without coverage. 

Being a small business owner, Lord relies on his wife’s health insurance plan, which she has through the University of Georgia as a graduate student. 

His new rate will cost him $640 a month, a jump that’s left Lord at a loss for what to do next. 

The 350-percent rate hike affects all graduate students’ spouses and children who are on university health insurance under USG, not just at UGA, according to the Board of Regents at USG. The rate was negotiated in late 2017 with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, an insurance company that specializes in providing students health insurance.

Click for the full story posted here in The Red and Black by Ashley Soriano, an undergraduate student studying journalism

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