UGA students make National News with Coverage of Mask and Vaccine Mandate Protests

As the University of Georgia went back to in-person classes, a resurgence of COVID-19 cases of COVID-19 cases was on the radar for many people.

Alex Anteau Headshot

Alex Anteau (Photo/ Alex Anteau)

The University of Georgia decided against requiring masks, and this decision incited protests. When supporters of mask and vaccine mandates organized a protest, counter protesters soon arrived on the scene. 

Reporter Shaelyn Carroll documented the story with videos and interviews from the scene. And when Ballard Achaway, a digital producer, shared the story via Twitter, it was picked up by news organizations, including CNN. 

In this interview, Alex Anteau, a student in the Health and Medical Journalism master’s program, spoke with Grady Newsource reporter Shaelyn Carroll and digital producer Ballard Ackaway about their coverage of mask and vaccine mandate protests. Read more at