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Grady students report on coronavirus at Athens hospitals

Grady students got a sneak peak at how Athens’ hospitals were preparing for a pandemic as concerns about the novel coronavirus led to canceled flights and quarantines around the globe.

Athens adapts to a “new normal” as COVID-19 spreads

The health and medical community in Athens, Ga. has been preparing since the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak by updating preparedness plans, staging mock scenarios and providing staffers with special training.

Athens couple self-quarantines after coronavirus scare

The World Health Organization declared coronavirus an international public health emergency while Holly Bik and her family were on a trip to Shanghai. They had to scramble to return to their North Georgia home.

‘Bad Blood’ author shares investigative reporting insight during Atlanta visit

When a Wall Street Journal reporter read about a “too-good-to-be-true” blood-testing device from a company called Theranos, his antennas went up. Ultimately, his curiosity would lead to the biggest and most compelling investigative story he’s ever written.